Alliant Powder ®

Technically Superior by Design

Blue MZ™

Muzzleloading Pellets

Black MZ

Muzzleloading Pellets That Redefine Velocity

Muzzleloader hunters need propellant that ignites reliably and burns consistently even in extreme weather conditions. New Blue MZ™ from Alliant Powder® delivers on this tall order. The 50-grain equivalent pellets produce higher velocities than competing pellets at safe pressures, and ignite reliably with 209 shotshell primers. Blue MZ provides outstanding accuracy with a wide range of popular bullets, including the Federal Premium® B.O.R. Lock MZ™ System. The clean-burning formulation allows for fast, easy cleaning with water-based solvents.

  • 48-pack of 50-grain equivalent pellets
  • Highest velocities at safe pressures
  • Provides outstanding accuracy with a wide range of projectiles
  • Great ignition characteristics with 209 shotshell primers
  • Clean-burning formulation eases cleaning with water-based cleaners

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