Alliant Powder ®

Technically Superior by Design

Smokeless Powder

  • A combustible propellant that sits between the bullet and the primer in the case
  • On detonation, the ignited powder rapidly decomposes into a hot, forceful gas that instantaneously expands and propels the bullet out of the gun bore
  • The chief ingredient of single-base powder is nitrocellulose
  • Double-base formulas use nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose
  • Modern powders are a derivative of guncotton (nitrocellulose), which was developed and used in the 1800s in lieu of black powder because it produced less smoke and flash on ignition
  • To achieve certain burn rates, powder grains come in different shapes and sizes; they can also have different surface coatings
  • Alliant Powder grains are made using an extrusion process and come in cylinder or disc shape


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