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Technically Superior by Design


  • The metal cylinder (open at the mouth and closed at the base) that holds the bullet, powder and primer
  • Most cases are made of brass and are crimped onto the bullet during the last stages of reloading
  • Come in two broad category types: centerfire and rimfire
  • The differences between the two case types is dependent upon the location of the primer or priming mix
  • Like bullets, come in two basic shapes—straight-walled and bottleneck
  • Straight-walled cases have almost the same diameter as the bullet and have little or no taper from base to mouth
  • Bottleneck cases taper inward as you approach the case mouth to accommodate smaller bullet sizes and large powder charges
  • Have different rim designs with a diameter that is slightly larger than the case diameter to prevent the case from entering the rifle bore
  • Cases can be rimmed, semi-rimmed, rimless, rebated and belted.


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