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  • Several lead pellet projectiles that are propelled from the front end of the shell towards a target
  • Shot is usually made of lead, but can also be made of steel, tungsten-alloy or be plated with hard metal
  • Shot comes in varying shapes, sizes and degrees of hardness
  • Typically, shot will be used according to the ammunition purpose, bore size and desired shot pattern
  • Lead shot comes in soft, hard and x-hard grades
  • Fewer, larger-sized pellets, called buckshot, are designed for use with large fur-bearing game and deer
  • Buckshot loads typically have a smaller payload of shot (6 to 10 pellets)
  • Smaller-sized "birdshot" pellets, including #4, #5 and higher, are tiny pellets used for hunting small game and fowl
  • Birdshot payloads can have hundreds of pellets
  • Reloaders typically use #7-1/2 or bigger for trapshooting and #9 for skeet

Shot can also be a single rifled or sabot "slugs." Slugs and buckshot require unique reloading procedures and crimping. Be sure to follow buckshot and slug data exactly as listed in the data tables

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